10 Great Quora Answers on Valuation & Venture Capital

Posted by Dan Eyman | November 8th, 2016 | No responses

I was answering some Quora questions recently on valuation when I started to look around the site to see if there were any other good questions and answers on valuation, venture capital, startup fundraising etc....here is what caught my eye in no particular order: What are the best ways to [...]

5 Common Misconceptions About 409A Valuation

Posted by Dan Eyman | October 24th, 2016 | No responses

Here we wanted to give five common misconceptions about 409A valuation that we often get when talking to those involved with privately held businesses. 1. The 409A Valuation Could Impact the Next Round of Financing. I have had countless conversations with early stage founders, particularly those going through a 409A [...]

5 Factors That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your 409A Valuation

Posted by Dan Eyman | October 10th, 2016 | No responses

When it comes to private company 409A valuation it is helpful to first have some context in terms of how to think about it. First, 409A valuations are a tax compliance issue. They are not the value of your company upon an acquisition or the pre-money that you might go [...]

The 3 Things eShares Gets Wrong on 409A

Posted by Dan Eyman | August 18th, 2016 | No responses

eShares, the cap table management software company recently announced that they had four announcements regarding their lead gen product, also known as 409A valuations to us, recently here. After the announcement I took the time to look into the offering and claims from them. I downloaded the open source model […]

How Venture Capital Works

Posted by Dan Eyman | November 3rd, 2015 | No responses

Today we are going to write a brief and basic intro into how venture capital funds are structured, who there investors are, how they typically work.       Limited Partnerships: Most venture capital funds are limited partnerships typically with twp types of partners. The general partner and the limited […]

Do I Need a 409A??

Posted by Dan Eyman | October 22nd, 2015 | No responses

Can you answer yes to Any of the following questions?? Did you raise a round of financing?   Do you want to issue stock options to new employees?   Are you issuing restricted stock?   Are you issuing any warrants on your common stock?   If you can answer yes […]

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